Thursday, 13 October 2011

It's grim up north

A little interlude....

We are going up North tomorrow night to visit Ryans family, then spending a couple of days weeks in North Wales.....If anyone has been to North Wales and has an suggestions what to do please let me know :)

Normal service will resume soon! I have a Primark haul, and a couple of reviews waiting to upload on my return. On a side note .... Finn has now trebled his birth weight, I'm very proud :)

Love Mel & Finn xxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

30 day thirteen

What you want more than anything right now.

I would love to own a home. I currently rent and having had to leave our last house at 30 weeks pregnant because the landlord wanted to sell, I would love the security of owning our own home.

Also it would be nice to be able to redecorate, do the garden and generally put our own stamp on a house rather than living in an empty shell of a house. I know a home is what you make it but I find renting hard, I want to re-arrange, re-decorate and remodel everything.

I dream of a kitchen like this, woodburners, hidden staircases, a huge cottage garden.

Love Mel & Finn xxx

Monday, 10 October 2011

30 day twelve

Your favourite movie.

Oh this isn't good for my indecisiveness!

I cannot pick between the Twilight films or the Harry Potter films, however I much prefer the books to the films.

HP has been released on or around my birthday since 2007, the final part was released on my birthday this year and I must say it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. That said I do have tickets to the midnight showing on Breaking Dawn when it comes out. definitely can't make a choice.

If I had a third choice, it would be Love Actually, then 50 First Dates...I could go on!

Love Mel & Finn xxx

To twitter or not to twiiter?

I don't have twitter, mainly because I don't understand it. Everyone and his dog has twitter, except me and my dog. Do I need twitter in my life? Please tell me if I do and I shall get my head around it!

Love Mel & Finn

Everything's cool as long as I'm getting thinner

A funny thing happens when you're stuck in hospital for a week, then your child is in hospital for two weeks. People, family, friends, bring you chocolate, which you eat then wake up five month down the line thinking 'shit I look like a baby elephant'. true story.

tumblr is my current and source of thinspo

I currently weigh 1lbs less than my hw, and 1st 9lbs more than my lw. I will be happy if I am at my lw again by Christmas.


I just need to grow some balls and step away from the chocolate, and cakes, ooh and cheese!

Love Mel & Finn xx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Our week in iPhone pictures...One

I've been wanting to do this for a while after seeing it on Beth's blog via Amy at A Good Blog
I just need to work out how to put this linky thing in, god I'm hopeless with technology!!!

 Love Mel & Finn xxx

30 day eleven

A photgraph of the last item you purchased.

A few bits I picked up along with my weekly tesco shop, I'm sure you don't want to see the food! I'm going to try the tanner tonight so I'll pop a review on tomorrow hopefully.

Love Mel & Finn xx

Saturday, 8 October 2011

30 day 10

Your dream wedding.

I can't write about my dream wedding without writing about the proposal and ring. To me, my dream wedding would encompass all three.

When I was a little girl I never dreamt about the big white wedding, I used to dream about being proposed to in the most romantic way possible, over and over again. I still do actually!

I am a hopeless romantic, I could (and do!) watch Love Actually over and over again without getting tired of it.

'Marry me' written in the sand on a beautiful holiday.

'Marry me' in rose petals, a la Kris Humphries, lucky Kim!
I think this shows that a proposal doesn't have to be expensive or flashy, will you marry me writen in rose petals surrounded by candels at home would mean just as much as a proposal in paris at the top of the effiel tower

Then again being asked to marry the love of your life in the most romantic city in the world, I wouldn't say no!

My ulitmate engagment ring would be the style below, I can't even photo credit these as they are two  photos I've had saved on my laptop, and transferred to every other one since I was about 16.

Opal stone set with two diamonds.

(I do however have an equally beautiful ring, minus the Opal (maybe one day, hint hint))

I'm not going to write about my dream wedding, instead I'm going to do it in photos, again I can't credit them as they've been saved on my laptop for years, if they're yours please do let me know and I will gladly credit them.

Our dream wedding (in Greece) no doubt would end up in a fabulous dancing and drinking session on the beach.

Love Mel & Finn xxx